1. The Perfect Fit for You: With Napoli's experienced in house tailors, we fit your tuxedo or suit to you. With Rentals you may not get the perfect fit, as they are not tailored specifically for you.

2. Comfort: Many rentals are polyester; making it an unbreathable garment.

3. Quality: Our tuxedos and suits are made from fine wool, many which are made in Italy. Our tuxedos and suits are constructed to give you many years of wear.

4. Wear it more than once: Invest in your wardrobe- buying a suit or a tuxedo can be worn for many occasions.

5. No one can wear it but you: Some stores rent tuxedos and suits long after they should be retired. "You get what you paid for" holds true when it comes to renting. Don't Sacrifice quality for price.

Stop into Napoli's to explore your options for Tuxedos and Suits. For questions call 716-568-1910.


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