One of the most common questions we're asked here at Napoli's Per La Moda is how to correctly match your shoe color with your suit. While the below pairings are often regarded as style "rules", rules are inherently made to be broken if you have enough sprezzatura. So while this can serve as a general outline of what (and what not) to wear, feel free to experiment with your own color combinations and try something new.


The one color suit which should be in everyone's closet is navy. One of the reasons which makes this suit so versatile is that it goes perfectly with either black or brown shoes. 

Another classic color which goes perfectly with either shoe color is the grey suit. Not to be confused with charcoal, this lighter shade works well with both colors – with black giving a more elegant look perfect for a night on the town and brown working well during the day for a more casual look.

Charcoal is much a darker shade of grey that borders near black, so in most cases, you will want to stick with a black shoe for this one. With many pinstripe suits utilizing this shade, the understated black shoe should let the suit do most of the talking.

Naturally, brown shoes go with a brown suit. The wonderful thing about this color are the various shades of brown from a deep, almost burgundy color to a lighter cognac hue, all work perfectly well with the brown suit. Black however, does not.

Lastly, the classic black suit. Mostly reserved for more formal occasions, as a general rule, you should stick with black shoes with a black suit. If you're feeling confident, you can try pairing black pants with a lighter shade of brown shoes. Just be prepared to defend your decision to those who call you out on it.


One sacred rule, however, which should never be broken is making sure your shoes and belt are the same color. Black shoes? Black Belt. Brown Shoes? Brown belt. They don't have to match exactly, but should be in the same general range of color. 


Napoli's Per La Moda offers a variety of designer shoes and sneakers in a vast range of colors. Stop into our store today and let us find the perfect color shoe (or shoes) to fit your needs.

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