While Napoli's Per La Moda is well known for being one of the best menswear providers in Buffalo, did you know that we also offer everything you'll need to look your best on your Wedding Day? That's right, Napoli's offers a wide variety of made to measure tuxedos for both you and your wedding party. For the discerning gentleman with exceptional taste who wants more than just your standard off the rack tux, Napoli's can create a custom look just for you!

Our very own in-house stylist Rico took the plunge in June, so naturally he wanted a custom tux for his wedding. One of the big trends we've been noticing lately is the return of the navy tuxedo. Showing up everywhere from the red carpet, runways and movies, the navy tux is a fantastic, subtle alternative to the standard tuxedo. Rico opted for a more modern look with a fitted, single button peak lapel jacket to differentiate it from the typical two button tux and added a beautiful polka dot Bemberg lining on the inside. The contrast of the black satin collar really complimented the navy nicely and he completed his look with a custom Eton Tuxedo Shirt paired with a classic bow tie and pocket square.

We have three options available for those looking for a custom tuxedo at various timing and price points. It takes 3 weeks to order a made to measure tuxedo from Coppley, 6 weeks from Canali and 8 weeks for a hand made tuxedo from Brioni

If you would like to purchase a tuxedo as gift for a loved one, you can always purchase one of our gift cards online here or stop into Napolis' Per La Moda today and speak with one of our stylists to create the perfect tux for your big day. 

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