After stopping by Napoli's to interview our very own Rico Marotto for his Spiel The Wine segment last week, Kevin LoVullo was gracious enough to return to our store for a special wine tasting event for our customers. Accompanying him was a spectacular selection of wine which could be appreciated by both novice and expert alike. Starting out with a refreshing bottle of Chardonnay, Kevin proceed to wow us with bottle after bottle moving from Pinot Noirs, Super Tuscans, Cabernets and Shiraz with each one increasing in flavor and complexity. It was a rare treat having him in the store and educating us about some fantastic wines many of us had never heard of before, but will surely be adding to our cellars soon.

Many thanks to Kevin and to all our customers who attended the event. For more info about Kevin LoVullo's Speil The Wine show, click here.


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  • Kevin LoVullo says...

    Thank you everyone and a special thank you to the entire staff at one of the finest men shop’s in the country…Napoli’s!

    June 22, 2015

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