One question we are often asked by our customers is how we achieve the perfect tie dimple. For those who are unaware of this term, a tie dimple is created when the fabric of your tie is pinched on the sides to create a dimple down the middle of your tie. This gives the tie a more interesting, dimensional look and separates the tie pro's from the novices. Creating the perfect tie dimple is actually quite simple with a little bit of practice, and Napoli's is here to help you learn how. 

Step 1. Choose Your Knot - The Tie Dimple works best with either a Four in Hand or Windsor Knot. Choose which one works best (depending on your collar type) and start tying your tie as you normally would. 

Step 2. Tie Your Tie - While pulling the front blade through your knot, remember that how tightly you tie your knot will affect the shape of the dimple. Before tightening, use your index, thumb and middle finger to pinch the side of the front blade as you pull it down through the knot to create a center dimple.

Step 3. Finishing Touches - As you slide the knot up towards your collar, push your index finger up into the dimple where it meets the knot. Adjust the rear blade accordingly. You've now created the perfect tie dimple. 

Remember, the art of dressing is exactly that: an art form. Your tie knot should never look too perfect but rather project a nonchalant confidence, or sprezzatura, as we say at Napoli's. If you're still having difficulty nailing your tie dimple, stop into Napoli's today and let one of our stylists show you how it's done!

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