The Napoli's Difference

It's not just the incredible selection from some of the finest menswear products in Buffalo which makes Napoli's a cut above the rest. What truly separates us from the competition is the attention to detail and superior service we provide our customers which we call "The Napoli's Difference".

When customers shop with us, they are not only receiving the best in old-world service including our in-house tailors offering alterations free of charge, our stylists will also work with you to create your own virtual closet on your smartphone or tablet which makes planning and coordinating your outfits a breeze. 

We start by photographing your latest purchase from Napoli's and pair it with appropriate color coordinated items whether it be a tie, shoes, jacket or pants . This serves as a basic template for your outfit. From there, each time a new item is added to your virtual closet, we have a record of what you previously purchased and can pair it with the appropriate items. This takes a lot of the guess work out of planning an outfit, particularly if you happen to have a whole closet full of clothes. By compiling these looks for you, Napoli's makes looking your best simple, easy. Once your virtual closet gets large enough, you can even experiment on creating your own looks! It is this individual attention to detail for each of our clients particular tastes which truly separates Napoli's from the competition. No other men's shop in Buffalo offer's this level of service and the "Napoli's Difference" is one of the many reasons why our customers keep coming back to shop with us. 

Another important part of the "Napoli's Difference" is creating a look which is tailored to fit your needs. Our in-depth knowledge of how clothes should fit ensure that we will never sell you a suit that is the wrong style for your body type or anything which you don't feel or look your best in. Style is a very personal thing and we try to help our customers discover and develop their own personal style. Our clients are adventurous, conservative and everything in between, so we work with you in their journey instead of trying to just blindly sell you something. If we can't help you find the perfect item in the store, our stylists will work with you to create a custom piece from our wide selection of made to measure shirts, suits, shoes and more.

Stop into Napoli's today and let our in-house stylist create your own personal virtual closet and experience the "Napoli's Difference" for yourself. 


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